Personalised Corporate Gifts

We offer end-to-end corporate gift and personalised corporate gift solutions. You can choose one of our existing products or enquire about customising one of your own products.

  • Short runs;
  • Low set up fees;
  • Bespoke design service;
  • Personalisation;
  • Gift wrapping;
  • Dispatch to multiple individual addresses.
  • Please contact us with your requirements.

    Branded merchandise and promotional items

    From short runs to a full-service facility with warehousing, packing and dispatch, we can manage all your branded merchandise requirements.

    We love technology and, at the time of writing, have nine specialist machines that enable us to rout, laser engrave, laser mark, UV print and sublimate print a wide range of products. Our in-house software development team also design and create our own software to automate the process as much as possible to enable individual, accurate, and repeatable personalisation for product runs and shipping to multiple individual addresses.

    Please contact us with your requirements.

    Corporate engraving / Contract engraving

    Our cutting-edge laser engravers provide a high quality and long-lasting engraving on glass, metal, acrylic and other substrates. Our hourly rate for contract engraving is £60 excluding VAT and set up fees.

    Please contact us with your requirements.

    The power of personalisation

    Using your products with your messages or personalisation, you can:

    • • Create branded products for your staff and visitors;
    • • Offer bespoke branded products to your customers;
    • • Maximise the impact of product launches with key influencers and buyers;
    • • Promote events;
    • • Develop your B2B relationships;
    • • Keep the brand at the forefront of key stakeholders’ minds; and
    • • Raise brand awareness.

    Additional information

    Routing: we can work in any font, to any design and can rout to a depth of 50mm for a truly luxurious look.

    Laser engraving: our laser engraving is performed with multiple passes of the laser for a longer lasting design. The accuracy of our lasers enables us to laser complex designs and a multitude of fonts.

    UV printing: while UV inks are not food safe, they can be applied on the exterior of drinking vessels and multiple passes can be made to give an embossed effect. Take a look at our book lamps for examples of full colour UV printing on wood.

    Substrates: we can message and personalise almost any substrate. The following list is by no means exhaustive but will give you some ideas:

    • • Glass;
    • • Wood;
    • • Metals;
    • • Fabric;
    • • Leather;
    • • Acrylic;
    • • Ceramic;
    • • Foamex;
    • • Dibond;
    • • Plastic;
    • • Silicone.

    Contact Us

    To discuss your requirements or request additional information please contact us.